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Firstly let me say a big Thank you to everyone that has visited the website over the last week and a half.
The response has been incredible. There have been so many comments left from people that are glad to see Microbee
back again and extremely enthusiastic about what we are about that I have had trouble keeping up with them all.
Thanks also to all of those people that have registered their intent to purchase a Premium Plus Kit.
I’m delighted to say that within 2 days over half of the 100 units had been allocated to people who registered with
more people registering daily.
Once we have 100 people on the list it will be closed off, so if you’d like one of these units, take the opportunity
to click the link on the Premium Plus page and leave your contact details.
If you already have your details registered now, you will be offered a kit as soon as they are available.
More information on the Premium Plus kit will be added as time goes on so don’t forget to keep checking back here
to see what is new.

Today we’ve added another page with more details of the architecture of the new coreboard including a block diagram
of the major components. There is also a picture of the new keyswitches / keyboard frame. I’ve been asked about the
new keyswitches and there were some concerns about how good they would be considering how bad a reputation the old
keyswitches had. The new keyswitches are a totally different construction and slightly different form factor as well.
The internal contact arrangement is much better and has a very low on-resistance (less than 1 ohm) - vastly better
than the 80 ohms or so at best of the old switches.For those of you with older machines that have bad keys, you may
be interested to know that a keyboard replacement kit will be made available.
The kit will include a full set of switches, new keyboard frame and keytops.

Thats it for now, and once again thank you for the fantastic enthusiasm and comments - some of which are copied below.

Ewan J. Wordsworth


"This site and product offering looks fantastic. You have certainly worked hard ...All the best with your new adventure...
Kindest regards and best wishes, Owen Hill."

"I had a bee as a teenager and have had 5 since but never had a chance to build my own. To say this is exciting is the
understatement of the year! Now that I'm a software professional with 20 years experience, it's got me thinking of what
software I could port to it! Alen"  - Melbourne

"Very interested. I built one of the orignal 16k kits (which I still have) and would love to build one of these!"
Glenn Latter - Ballarat

"This is a fantastic idea and hope to see future devolopments from microbee technology. I just hope there is 1 left for me
when they become available." Brad George - Taree