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Classic Plus Kit Computer

 [ Preliminary information - product at prototype stage ]
Backwards compatible with the older Microbee range of computers, running CP/M and offering a vast back-catalogue of software, this new kit has an impressive array of features on a single board which includes: * Z80 processor running at up to 10Mhz. * Base of 128k Memory, expandable to 1Mbyte * Microbee ‘Premium Series’ colour graphics. * SDcard storage with Floppy disk emulation.    * FDD interface option with Double & High    density support.   * Full travel, mechanical switch, 64 key keyboard * Standard Microbee Parallel & Serial ports * Onboard efficient switching regulators. * Single PCB - 4 layer design for better signal integrity. * Arduino compatible slot option (via mezzanine board plugin).  * 50 Way Z80 buss expansion header * Hybrid kit includes all through-hole parts for assembly,    and a pre-assembled SMD module. * Supplied without a case (keeping the cost down) and sits on rubber feet,    but designed to fit in a Microbee Premium series case (if you have one already). * Cost reduced design (when compared to the Premium Plus kit)                                                                                                                               The pre-assembled So-Dimm module takes care of the screen                                                                                                                               control logic, along with the SDcard operation & Floppy disk emulation.                                                                                                                               The So-Dimm socket (and 4 other components) are surface mount                                                                                                                               components & get soldered to the board prior to shipping, so no                                                                                                                               need to worry about trying to solder fine pitch SMD parts.                                                                                                                               The Arduino compatible expansion shield [option] fits to the                                                                                                                               main board & has the GPIO driver chip & 6 channel ADC.                                                                                                                               (yet to be prototyped). More information will be provided, and a launch date set as development progresses.   To keep up to date, follow Microbee Technology on our social media pages [ Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ] and forum.