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Joining the conversation - CheshireNoir - 16-06-2020

Hi all,
My name is John, aka "Cheshire Noir".
I'm based in Perth, Western Australia
I've become a retro-collector in the last 5 years and I'm slowly but steadily increasing my collection. I've so far managed to get a small but comfortable collection of consoles and computers.
  • An Apple IIeuroplus. Currently not fully functional. I have a cunning plan involving the tape ports on it...
  • A Vic 20. It's hilariously old and yellowed. It needs a recap but is otherwise fine. I even have the caps ready to go. A long weekend job, but I need to finish some other projects first. I have a LOT of carts and memory for it.
  • A Sinclair Spectrum 48k. It's been reboxed into a third party shell. I have plans for this one. Evil plans.
  • 3 C64s in a working state. I also have a dead one. I have a butt tonne of peripherals for these, which is nice, including a Pi1541 and a 1541 Ultimate II+. I recently hacked a Genesis controller to be a "atari" controller. Best. Hack. Ever!
  • A C128D, which finally came back to life last weekend. There's some mods I want to do to it, and the internal drive isn't quite right yet, but after a lot of mucking around, it boots! Turns out it has 64k of VRAM too, which is super nice.
  • An SX64. Sadly the PSU is dead. Will need to get this one working but they're an absolute nightmare to work on. That's a weeklong project, just by itself.
  • An Atari STfm. What a lovely machine this is! I have added a Gotek FDD to it, and carefully (And reversibly) brought the Gotek screen out with a rotary dial to the top of the system.
  • An Amiga 1200. This came in a "tower mod" that was horrible. My current plan is to laser cut a case for it. Eh. Need $$$ for that. Later. It works. It's been recapped. It has a Gotek.
Computers that I own but don't actually have yet:
  • A BBC Master 128k and
  • An Atari 800xl - Both these machines were purchased and shipped to a friend in the UK, who was going to bring them back for me... in April. That plan has now bit the bucket. No idea when I'll see these.
Consoles that I own:
  • 2 x Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Neither work. I need edge connectors. I want good ones. That takes time and money.
  • A Sega Megadrive. I'd love to get better video out of it. That hasn't happened yet. 
  • An Amiga CD32. What can I say? It's an Amiga in Console form. The system that bankrupted Commodore.
  • A Nintendo 64. Actually two. My first console. Still so pretty.
  • A Playstation 2 phat. It's got a HDD and a network adapter.
  • An XBox Original. It's got an upgraded HDD. That was the most terrifying mod I have ever done. Unplugging IDE connectors live is not something I want to do again.
  • A Wii. It plays Gamecube games. Two generations in one.
  • A Wii U. The kids got it as a Christmas prezzie from grandma.
  • A PS3. Purchased with overtime money a when the slim came out. Worth it for "Journey". That game made me cry.
  • An XBox 360. I got it very cheap.
What I want to get (Barring "unicorns" like an Acorn Archimedes, an Amiga 4000 or an Atari Falcon):
  • An Amstrad CPC. Preferably a 6128.
  • A Dick Smith Wizzard / Creativision. Because nostalgia is a strange creature.
  • A Microbee! The computer my high school used. (Yes I'm that old)
Hopefully I'll be able to connect with other Australian collectors through this forum. I'll also keep my eyes open so that if there's another run of the kitform Microbees, I get to pick one up this time round.



RE: Joining the conversation - someone - 16-06-2020

Welcome aboard.
Why not set your sights on a Microbee Gamma.

RE: Joining the conversation - ChickenMan - 17-06-2020

Hi John and welcome to the forum Smile
Now thats a grand collection of vintage computers, but honestly the Microbee should have been number 1 on the list Smile
There are a few Microbees appearing on eBay reasonably regularly, so keep an eye out there, but as with most, prices are rising steadily.
And it shoulnt be to long before you see the next Microbee kit.

RE: Joining the conversation - CheshireNoir - 25-06-2020

I do have a "watch" open on Ebay for "microbee" but no luck yet. Excited to hear another Microbee kit is planned!
Meanwhile I've managed to get a working Apple IIe, a working clone IIe and, of all things, the Dick Smith Wizzard!

I'm also thinking of ordering a Harlequin 128 kit from the UK. Spectrum 128+ clone designed to fit in the case of a Spectrum 48k. I just happen to have a spectrum 48k case left over, as my Spectrum has been upgraded to a Dk'tronics case, leaving the original free. I might even do a de-enhance and move the 48k back into it's original case and put the new motherboard in the fancier case.

RE: Joining the conversation - ChickenMan - 25-06-2020

Hang in there and keep watching eBay, the Microbees are not like Apple or Commodore stuff where there are literally dozens available at any one time.

The Harlequin/Spectrum 128+ sounds like a good project, let us know how you get on with it.

RE: Joining the conversation - CheshireNoir - 29-06-2020

I did get a "bite" on eBay the other day but it turned out to be someone selling one of the 8220 based scalers that were sold from the store instead. I was disappointed, even if it DID have the Amiga 23 pin cable.
(I have a 15KHz monitor, so no need for a scan doubler for me)

RE: Joining the conversation - CheshireNoir - 30-06-2020

And then a Computer in a Book came up on eBay... And then it shot up to over $700 overnight. :-(
I guess I'll wait for the Kit 'bee to become available :-D

RE: Joining the conversation - ChickenMan - 30-06-2020

Unfortunately most vintage computers in good working condition are demanding higher prices today.

RE: Joining the conversation - CheshireNoir - 02-07-2020

Well it's hit $1000. 0_o
I hope someone here is selling it and accruing the rewards. :-)

RE: Joining the conversation - Robert - 02-07-2020

It was sold by Ewan for $1000.