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Happy First Birthday Forum & Repository - ChickenMan - 03-10-2020

A happy 1st birthday to this forum and file repository.  Thanks to all those that have contributed to the forum and to the repository, without your help none of this will survive.

In the past 12 months we have been busy and there has been many additions to the original repository as well as a number of files updated to working condition, files added/replaced or docs replaced with better quality or complete scans.

AppliedTech-Pre-bee had 39 additional files plus 6 updated
Documentation had ......238 additional files plus 25 updated
Software had ...............122 additional files plus 16 updated
Public had ...................175 additional files plus 7 updated
Vintage had ...............1065 additional files plus 9 updated

So thats a total of 1639 files added to the repository and 63 files updated in the last 12 months. This now makes a total of just over 9000 files all up in the repositories!  The Vintage section grew quite large due to the addition of the System 80 repository with 775 files added.

A big thanks to everyone thats contributed, be it small or large, to help the repository grow for the help to all our members and for the future.  Lets see if this can be repeated in the next 12 months Smile I still have many files that need sorting and will appear soon.

While the forum is mostly Microbee orientated, we support all Australian Made and Produced Vintage computers plus 2 others imports that were well supported here being the Exidy Sorcerer and Dick Smiths System 80. We are continually looking for new material to archive for the future, so if anyone can help with anything Microbee or any of the following, that would be great. We can image disks, scan docs, convert images to pdfs, dump tapes, etc for you if you cannot, just ask.

Our Vintage Repository have folders for the following :-

AEM 4000
Amust Executive 816
Applix 1616
Avtek Multimodem
Car Computer - an EA Project
Datamax 8000
Don McKenzie
Dream 6800
Dulmont Magnum
Dyad Dragon
Educ 8
ETI 632
ETI 636
ETI 640
ETI 660
ETI 685
ETI 694
Excalibur 64
Exidy Sorcerer
Knight 2000
Micro Byte
Mini 2650
Mini Scamp
Mirror 2000
Phoenix board
Pulsar Little Big Board
Rabble 65
Rally Computer - an EA Project
Secad AS-68K
SME Systems
Talking Communicator
Talking Electronics

Happy Birthday and thanks to everyone.


RE: Happy First Birthday Forum & Repository - someone - 03-10-2020

Someone gives a huge thank you to Alan the "Chickenman" for his tireless efforts and exceptional quality of work scanning and archiving.

He's genius of taking ratty documentation and mouldy floppy disks turning them into fantastic PDFs and files.

Someone thinks he's used a lot of Isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds.