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Space Invaders & Demonstration Tapes for the System 80 - ChickenMan - 05-12-2020

Thanks to kimjohn for lending us these 2 tapes to be recorded. They were recorded at 44.1khz and saved as mono 16bit WAV files using Goldwave on my Win10 PC and a new portable cassette reader/writer unit.

These 2 tapes were Dick Smith Electronics original tapes. Space Invaders is a typical version of Space Invaders that we all know and enjoy. Without any filtering etc done to the captured recording, I tried loading it into MAME that emulates the System 80. At the READY prompt, type SYSTEM, then INV and after 59 seconds its loaded. type the forward slash / and hit NEW LINE and the game starts :-


Instructions are given and you press S to start and your on your way. I also recorded the captured WAV file back to a blank tape.  This was then tried in my real System 80 and it roads and runs exactly as in MAME, great.

The Demonstration tape has 6 small files on side A and blank on side B of the cassette.  Recorded exactly the same as above, but loading into MAME, well it just keeps loading and you never get the prompt back.  No errors reported though.  I wrote it to Side B of my new Space Invaders tape and tried it in my System 80. First program runs fine and you get a pic of the Dick Smith logo slowly drawn to the screen.  I never tried the remaining files.


The 2 cassette inserts were also scanned as well as the tapes labels themselves which includes the loading instructions.

So today in the Vintage Repository in the new System-80\Software\Tapes folder we placed


dse_space_invaders_tape.jpg <-- in the new Documentation/Pictures/Tapes folder