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Hi from Melb - Matty72 - 28-12-2020

Hi all, happy to be here with those who appreciate the wonderful computers that sparked my interest in programming and electronics.

I have four MBees in my possession, a 32k, a 128k Prem and two 128k Prem+, all of which need some work and therefore the knowledge of those members herein. The 32k machine I used as a kid and still works except for key issues which will get sorted soon thanks to a switch kit from Microbee Tech (thanks Ewan). I rarely used the disk based machines as a kid so have a lot to learn.

Nice to have another forum and repository in existence to ensure MBee content is not lost.

Have a great break all, look forward to reading posts,

RE: Hi from Melb - ChickenMan - 28-12-2020

Hi Matt, welcome to the forum Smile

You have a nice collection of Microbees there and wow, 2 PP+'s. Unfortunately my original 32k bee was given away many moons ago but have since acquired another. And your right, keyswitch problems is a major problem with most bees, I've used Ewan's new kit on my 128k Prem Overdrive, went well and highly recommended. About to change the keyswitches in another 3 bees once this Christmas mayhem quietens down a bit Smile

Any issues you need help with, just ask in the appropriate section of the forum.

Cheers, Alan

RE: Hi from Melb - someone - 28-12-2020

Welcome aboard Matty!

That's a lot of microbees! (and a lot of dud keyswitches!)

With the Disk systems, you'll enjoy CP/M & the Microbee Shell unless you want to write your own Disk Operating System or use MSXDOS.

Whilst you're at it, take the challenge to get a Starnet or Beenet up and going!