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Two Microworld Reports from 1982 & 1983 - ChickenMan - 28-02-2021

Thanks to kimjohn for making these two available to be scanned. They are both A5 in size and range from 4 to 16 pages long.

This copy of Microworld Report 1982 September replaces the current one for quality reasons. It has the first pictures of the new 3 piece injection moulded case and quotes they have already sold 2,000 Microbee's with another 2,000 in production. As a direct result of the MICROBEE becoming a recommended computer under the N.S.W. Department of Education Tender for 1982/83 it was decided to include some form of SELF-DIAGNOSTIC ROUTINES within the software in each MICROBEE. To select the AUTO-DIAGNOSTIC program in the new updated 5.1 BASIC the user holds down the 'S' key and also presses the 'RESET' key for 2 seconds.

Other topic include
New Video Circuit
Parallel Printer Interface
Microbee Expansion Interface Pinouts
Microbee 64K New Release
S100 Interface and Disk Drives
Software Releases
Price List Microbees and Associated Products
plus much more.

Microworld Report 1983 January is now printed in colour and introduces OZ-LOGO and their new PLUS series of Microbees together with new peripherals and software. Their latest Price List is also included.

So in the MbeeTech Repository in the \Microbee\Documentation\Magazines\Microworld folder we placed

microworld_report_82_09.pdf <--- updated