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Microbee collection of CP/M Utils, Public Domain, Self-Test & Eprom burner disks - ChickenMan - 15-03-2021

Thanks to Jeremy for forwarding a large Microbee disk collection to be imaged, a total of 83 x 5.25" disks. None were original disks and there was a backup disk of most and a heap of unlabeled disks that were all blank except one. As a result, there was not many "new" programs recovered.  Most imaged with no errors and if they didn't, their backup did.

56k_Selftest disk is just that. The file was found on an un-related disk, but included here on a auto booting disk. Looks much the same as other Microbee selftest programs tests for main ram 16k, 32k, 48k and 56k only plus all other ram & roms.


MBSWEEP2 disk contains the program and source code, a small DOC file as well as Wordstar, L80 & M80. Its a modified SWEEP but included file copying facilities and also allows you to format a floppy in B: drive with or without a system track.  Works for a DS40 56k/64k system only.  It was on just about every disks and most disk booted to it. Could be a handy utility.

Microbee Eprom Programmer I assume is for the ETI 688 Microbee Eprom Programmer but its not actually mentioned. Source code and program included on the disk.

Microbee Public Domain disks 1, 2 & 3 appear to be early variations of the Impact Systems Public domain disks 1 & 2 that we already have.  Disk 2 has the Colossal Caves adventure only while disk 3 has most of the files from Impact disk 2 plus a heap of others.  So all presented here as imaged.

The 3 Microbee CPM Utilities disks are just that, all public domain material sorted alphabetically. They were originally on 5 disks but were combined down to 3 disks with the 160 files spread across them.  There are a couple of games and many have a DOC file also.  We again already have much of it in the repository or is readily available across the internet but all gathered here in the 3 disks. All disks are bootable also.

So in the MbeeTech Repository in the Microbee\Software\Applications folder we placed


56k_selftest_ds40.dsk <-- in the Microbee\Software\Utilities folder