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Hi from Louisville Kentucky - harrywalter99 - 13-11-2019

Hi There,

I had a couple of Microbees back in the 1980s. I used to live in Diamond Harbour in NZ. I was a avid reader of Electronics Australia and ETI. I built the Mini Scamp, Dream 6800 and struggled with the David Griffiths Z80 system. I bought a couple of Microbees from a teacher friend after he moved on to Apple II. I was very impressed with the compact nature of the Microbee after the chunky nature of my DG S100 system. Unfortunately I had to leave most of my collection behind in NZ although I still have the Mini Scamp sans the case and PSU.

Looking forward to going back in my future!


RE: Hi from Louisville Kentucky - ChickenMan - 13-11-2019

Hi Harry and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you had to leave your 'bee in NZ but the new Classic Plus model is coming. There are not many Microbee's in NZ either, probably due to high import tariffs they put on computers which spurred on local production of the Poly. So I hope the 2 you left behind had found good homes Smile

RE: Hi from Louisville Kentucky - someone - 20-11-2019

Welcome aboard!

I still have my DG-S100 system and it still works!
I'm surprised you struggled yours.
What you'll find is that much of what was developed for it was reconfigured for the microbee.
e.g. DGOS 1.4