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Microbee DIN Cable Harnesses - someone - 28-03-2021

The microbee when through a minimum of two iterations of manufactured cable harnesses for the Alpha series.

Some came with the Power supply soldered on and others came with barrel connectors but unfortunately there were at least two types used.

Red, blue, grey connectors with thinner wire and 2.5mm pin DC connector
Red, yellow, white connectors with thicker wire and 2.1mm pin DC connector

This usually doesn't make a difference to using DC connector sockets that use a 2.1mm pin and an outer leaf spring connector but it does when using some inline connectors that don't use a leaf spring.

Oddly enough, someone encountered a cable harness that started melting and releasing some magic smoke from an internal short near its DIN plug.

It'd be appreciated to add a comment for other cable combinations encountered.

RE: Microbee DIN Cable Harnesses - ChickenMan - 28-03-2021

Interesting as I was out in the shed the other day and found a Microbee 10v power pack with the gray cable connected directly into it and thought it must have been home made, but obviously not.