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Mini-S2650 Othello (Reversi) Game - cfbsoftware - 26-06-2021

I wrote a few programs in 1981 after I built the Electronics Australia Mini 2650 computer from a Dick Smith kit. The only survivor is an Othello / Reversi game. It was based on an article I had read in BYTE Magazine in November 1979 titled: Programming Strategies in the Game of Reversi by Peter B Maggs. The article included a program listing in BASIC which I rewrote in S2650 assembler. At the time I was working as an Application Programmer at Sydney University Computing Centre and was conveniently able to use the S2650 assembler on the CDC Cyber 72 mainframe. I kept a copy of the line-printer listing. Here is a scan of the first page: 

[Image: Othello.jpg]

I have a zip file which includes an asm file and bin file of the program, a readme file and a gif screenshot of the running program. I would like to submit it for inclusion in the repository. How do I go about doing this?

RE: Mini-S2650 Othello (Reversi) Game - ChickenMan - 26-06-2021

Many thanks for that, you should be able to attach it to a post.  Hit the New Reply button top right and then right down the bottom left side, load the zip in via Choose Files.  Once loaded, to the right of that, hit Add Attachment.

RE: Mini-S2650 Othello (Reversi) Game - cfbsoftware - 27-06-2021

OK - thanks. The zip file is attached.

RE: Mini-S2650 Othello (Reversi) Game - ChickenMan - 27-06-2021

Thanks, released here https://microbeetechnology.com.au/forum/showthread.php?tid=337

RE: Mini-S2650 Othello (Reversi) Game - someone - 27-06-2021

Many thanks Chris, Excellent stuff!!