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Microbee's Beenet Troubleshooter's Guide - ChickenMan - 09-07-2021

Thanks to ejwords for making this document available to be scanned.  A4 in size and 3 pages long.

From this Guide :-

The Beenet network has proven to be a reliable and inexpensive
way of introducing children to the world of computers. However,
if something goes wrong with one station usually the whole
network is shut down, causing great inconvenience to children and

This guide, written by Andy Laming of Microbee Systems, lists 12 points that can cause the network to misbehave and a solution to fix the problem or preventing it from happening in the first place. They are

1. The network is not SETUP correctly.
2. Disks have been swapped.
3. Leads in wrong sockets.
4. Modules and leads loose or corroded.
5. Printer turned on after running the software.
6. Overheating.
7. Double adapters.
8. Cable layout.
9. Black boxes.
10. Monitor fuses.
11. Keyboard aging.
12. Isolate the problem.

So in the MbeeTech Repository in the Microbee\Documentation\Articles\Technical folder we placed