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Greetings from Griffo - griffo - 05-11-2022

Well, although I am not a past MicroBee user I am interested in the forthcoming 'Retro' build.

The closest I have come to a MicroBee is an Australian designed 'PC', the Time Computers ECS4500, that I used at Telecom in the early 80s. 4MHz Z80, 96K, 2 x 1MB FDD, CPM 2.2.

I did also noodle with a SC/MP Dev Kit which was controlling some test equipment and also an 8085 Dev Kit on a certificate unit at RMIT.

The main bit of fun I had was with a borrowed Exidy Sorcerer which I used as the basis of a car club sprint timing system which included some external h/w via the S100 bus and some custom coding (all machine code). It's all a bit of a blur from some 40 years ago but I recall the ease with which it worked from a h/w perspective and also the coding with the well documented BIOS. Great machine.

I have recently built up a Retro 2650 kit from Post Increment and playing with a bit of simple coding on this. A friend had built the original EA kit back in the day and I played on the follow on Central Data kit that he later acquired.


RE: Greetings from Griffo - ChickenMan - 06-11-2022

Hi griffo and welcome to the forum Smile

We have no info on the Time Computers ECS4500, but sounds like an interesting unit. We have lots of info on the Baby SC/MP, Mini 2560 and the Exidy Sorcerer.

But the new Microbee Classic Plus will leave all those in the dust, its an impressive unit. It was on display last month at the Sunday Computer Market at Keysborough last month. Next will be at the Retro Computer Club afternoon meeting on the 1st Saturday in December. Worth checking it out, 2pm and at Wadam House, Mt Waverly. All at https://www.facebook.com/groups/3248745388736552

RE: Greetings from Griffo - griffo - 10-11-2022

Hi ChickenMan, thanks for the welcome.

I will check out the Retro Computer Club... fortunately I am in Melbourne so can probably attend.

I do have a PDF of the Time ESC4500 sales brochure if interested.

I recall at the time there was also anotherĀ brand 'PC' in the office which may also have been AU build. It ran 8" FDDs and PC-DOS from memory.
We also had some HP 150s scattered aboutĀ as well.

RE: Greetings from Griffo - ChickenMan - 10-11-2022

Oh yes a pdf brochure of the Time ESC4500 unit would be great, thanks. You should be able to send it to me via your Inbox'. I've just found a good article on Time Office in one of the magazines, so worthwhile to start a new Repository folder.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Retro Computer club next month.

RE: Greetings from Griffo - griffo - 10-11-2022

OK, I have just remembered the other 'PC' machine was a Mica brand.

Another AU branded PC clone I saw was designed and built by Terran Computers. The unit we had was an early eval unit and we never purchased any. Quite a compact little unit from memory.

RE: Greetings from Griffo - someone - 10-11-2022

(10-11-2022, 09:53 PM)griffo Wrote: OK, I have just remembered the other 'PC' machine was a Mica brand.
MICA = Made in Canberra Australia
Later versions of the machine are branded as Techway which were assembled in Penrith NSW.