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Vintage Exidy Sorcerer repository now added - ChickenMan - 10-02-2020

The Exidy_Sorcerer folder in the Vintage Repository contains only Australian produced Manuals, Newsletters, Tapes, etc. for the Exidy Sorcerer computer, most of which are not available elsewhere.  For the Exidy produced and other 3rd party material, Google is your friend.

A substantial amount of new material (over 200 items) has been added to the collection over the past year or so, with special thanks to exidyboy, digitalker, someone and archive.org.

The SCUA Newsletter & Yearbook collections have been added to substantially making it almost complete. Same with the SUGSA Newsletters and a couple of SSUG and Tsunami Newsletters added also.

The Manuals folder has doubled in size also with many new Games Manuals as well.

A considerable number of Your Computer and Australian Personal Computers magazines have had their Sorcerer articles now included in the Magazines folder also.

All the other folders have had 2 or more articles added to each as well, all way to many to list here.  If you have an Exidy Sorcerer, there is more than enough local material to keep you busy for quite some time.

All the Newsletters that have their name ending with a "_r" means they have been Redacted, that is, all private addresses and phone numbers have been permanently removed from the PDF's. That process can quickly do your head in and all have not been done as yet, but will be added when done over the following weeks.  If you find that I have missed redacting anything (highly probable), let me know the volume and page and I can quickly fix.

Some software boot disks will also be included later when they have been tidied up.  These will be able to be used with MAME that has been recently updated to include Floppy Disk booting for the Sorcerer (thanks to Robert).

Enjoy.  Any questions, just ask in the forum.

RE: Vintage Exidy Sorcerer repository now added - ChickenMan - 13-02-2020

The SCUA Newsletters from June 1979 to December 1987 are now complete, all redacted and in the Repository. Also provided is a ZIP file of each of the complete years Newsletters for easier downloading.

Their Newsletters were renamed as BACKUP as of January 1988, as the club realised more and more members were interested in MSDOS than Sorcerer or other 8bit computers. We only have the first few issues and ask if anyone else can help fill the gaps, please get in contact. Thanks.

RE: Vintage Exidy Sorcerer repository now added - ChickenMan - 16-02-2020

All the SUGSA Newsletters I have have now been added also.  If anyone has further issues missing from the collection, we would love to hear from you.