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Keyboard Replacement Kits

Love your old Microbee, but have non-functional keys on the keyboard? With these keyboard replacement kits you can now refurbish your Microbee and have a fully functional keyboard (that will last).
The kits include: * Keyboard frame adapter plate :  Sits on top of the original keyboard frame    to adapt it to the smaller form factor key switches. * Keyboard PCB : a complete PCB that sits under the original keyboard    frame that the new key switches solder in to. * Key switches : The same ones used in the Premium Plus model. * Mounting screws etc : to attach the keyboard frame adapter plate to the    original keyboard frame. * Pin strip : 0.1" pin strip to cut up into individual pins that help support    the Keyboard PCB and connect it to the baseboard. * [Standard Model] 2 flying lead connectors to wire in the signals from the new keyboard PCB to the baseboard. * [Premium Model] 20 way 0.1” pitch dual row header to connect required signals and power from the baseboard. * Switching Regulators : These are small TO-220 shaped 7805 regulator replacements that will solder directly to the baseboard and run cooler. Note that these kits do NOT include key caps.  The key switches have a shaft that is compatible with the original key caps, so the expense of having to have another set                             Premium of key caps made is avoided.                                                                                                                                  series   Replacing the whole keyboard is quite a task, involving removing all the original key                   Standard (non-Premium) switches & regulators and contructing the replacement keyboard arrangement.  It will                            series take approx 3-4 hrs and you need reasonable soldering / desoldering skills. For more information, you can download the [Premium series] instructions < here >                                                                        or the [Standard series] instructions < here >  To keep up to date, follow Microbee Technology on our social media pages [ Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ] and forum.
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