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Labtam 3000 System Manual and ROMs - ChickenMan - 15-05-2021

These were found at https://forums.bannister.org/ in the MAME forum and thanks to Exidyboy for pointing them out.  These were supplied with the intention of getting MAME to emulate the Labtam 3000 system that uses 8086 & Z80 cpus, 6845 video and WD2797 disk controller.

The manual originally consisted of photos of the open manual 2 pages at a time taken from different angles and distances, was a mess really.  Pages were separated to single pages, de-skewed and perspective corrected on many pages.  Then by using some filters they were able to re-straighten the text lines to a great degree .  End result is not perfect but now substantially easier to read.  This is one of the original pages and the best I could do to fix it.

[attachment=224]  [attachment=225]

The roms are untested and presented here as is.  Pictures of the motherboards/cards are also included. Also thanks to vivid for providing a pic the Labtam XEngine2 motherboard.

So in the Vintage Repository in the Labtam folder we placed



labtam_3000_roms <-- 14 roms included