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VGA Video converter kit

Designed to enable the use of VGA monitors with older computers, the Microbee VGA video converter allows for analogue or digital inputs.   The digital mode converts true CGA digital input (RGB + Intensity) and provides the proper CGA color map. This is the mode that is used by the Microbee Premium, Premium Plus & 256TC models, along with regular IBM PC’s (CGA) and numerous other computers. Also included is a jumper ‘C128FIX’ to adapt the normal CGA color set to match the Commodore 128’s 80 column mode color set (dark yellow of the CGA set is brown in the C128’s color set).        The analogue mode allows for use with other computers that have true        analogue outputs, such as the Commodore Amiga (the converter has been        tested with the Amiga & works brilliantly!)
As featured in Silicon Chip Magazine - February 2015   and Everyday Practical Electronics - Jan/Feb ‘16
Buy Now - $95.00 Buy Now - $95.00 Buy Now - $35.00 Buy Now - $35.00
Short form kit
Full kit (Short form + case & modded GBS-8200)
Cable kit to suit Amiga with DB23 & DB9 connectors available
Microbee Premium Plus
Commodore Amiga
Tandy Colour Computer 3
Commodore C128 80 Col
Apple IIgs
Buy Now - $62.50 Buy Now - $62.50
Short form + case
Cable kit to suit Tandy CoCo3 with 10way Header & DB9 connector also available