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Design  & Assembly Services

Microbee Technology offers a range of services from basic design consultancy right through to full Turnkey product design, including surface mount and through-hole assembly.
Product Design Have an idea for a product that you would like to bring to market?  Microbee Technology can design your product for you and have it production ready.  With more than 25 years of product design, we offer experience in the following areas: *  Microcontroller & Microprocessor based Systems design including     - Freescale [NXP] Coldfire, Kinetis, i.MX, M68K     - ST Microelectonics STM32xx     - Intel x86     - Zilog Z8, Z80, Z8S180     - Atmel AtMega *  FPGA / PLD development (hardware, and basic logic design)     - Xilinx CPLDs, XC3000, 5200, Spartan XL, Series 2, 3, 6, Artix 7A, Zync     - Atmel, Lattice CPLDs *  Ethernet     - Hubs (legacy 10Mbs, including designs for Military projects)     - Switches 10/100/1Gbs * Software / Firmware development     - C, Visual C (BDS), Assembler, Limited Pascal, HTML, Javascript Talk to us today to see how we can assist in your product design needs.   Assembly Services Microbee Technology also offers sub-contract manufacturing services and specialises in cost effective prototyping & small run assembly. Typically offering lower setup costs for small run production / prototyping, we are able to assist with surface mount assembly :   * 0402 and larger chip resistors, capacitors, inductors etc.   * SOT-23, SOT-223, SON, LON, LGA, QFN, LQFP, eLQFP, So-Dimm sockets and other fine pitch components      down to 0.5mm (lead pitch)   * Other component types possible and evaluated on a design by design basis. Full through-hole assembly services available. Sourcing of PCB’s and solder paste screens. Our assembly services & capabilities are constantly being expanded, so check with us to see how we can assist.