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Xilinx Spartan 6LX9 So-Dimm Module
Originally designed as part of our kit computers, the Spartan 6LX So-Dimm module is quite versatile and can also be used for many other applications. Features include: * Xilinx Spartan 6 LX9 (as standard, options for LX16 through to LX75) * Selectable configuration    - load configuration image from onboard SPI flash    - load configuration by parallel slave selectMap via edge connector * JTAG programming header * 1Mbyte (2 chips x 256k x 16bit) 8ns fast static ram onboard    - one or both of the SRAMS can be left off for cost sensitive builds * Core Voltage supply regulator (1.2v from +3v3 Vin) * Onboard Oscillator provides reference clock via GCLK input * 12 bit RGB + Sync signals pre-defined and brought out to 10 way header * Approximately 128 I/O available on So-Dimm edge connector * All logic banks use +3v3 I/O voltage * Power (Green) and ‘DONE’ (Red) status leds * Powered from +3.3v (applied to power pins of the edge connector) * Simple and effective 144 pin So-Dimm form factor    - low cost So-Dimm baseboard to be made available to suit, for rapid prototyping * Example FPGA logic design files will be made available For more information, please <contact> Microbee Technology.