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Delta Plus Kit Computer

 [ Advance information only - product at planning stage ]
While specifications for this model have not been locked down, it is our aim to achieve the following design: Dual processor functionality  - Z8S180 @ 3.3Mhz or 33Mhz (switchable) for backwards compatibility    with the Microbee Z80 range of computers & software - Coldfire V4 processor @266Mhz for use with Multitasking O/S or   full Linux Expanded graphics capability with VGA compatible output including scaled legacy CGA.  Full bitmap color @ 8bpp from a palette of 4096 Sdcard storage & Floppy drive emulation FDD interface option (Double & High Density) Ethernet, Serial & Parallel ports                                Arduino style expansion port with Digital & Analogue I/O Full travel, mechanical switch, 98 key keyboard To keep up to date, follow Microbee Technology on our social media pages [ Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ] and forum.