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Current Technology & Dev boards

Microbee Technology designs & manufactures development boards for rapid prototyping and educational electronics.  We have our FTM-3SE Freescale Tower System compatible Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA board.                                     More information <here> We also have a Xilinx Spartan 6LX based SO-Dimm module  with onboard SRAM and config flash.      More information <here>

Kits for hobbyists & Retro-Tech enthusiasts

Following on from our very popular Premium Plus kit, we have a number of new kit computers in development.  The first of these to be released wil be the ‘Classic Plus’  kit  (shown, right). This is a bare bones Microbee, without a case, fully backward compatible with our older models but including Sdcard Floppy disk emulation, real floppy disk interface option with support for Double & High Density disks, Arduino Shield compatible expansion slot (option), along with all of the regular Parallel port, serial port and RGB color graphics. Hybrid kit - a small number of SMD parts will be pre-loaded and the rest of the parts will need to be soldered into the board by the kit builder.                                                                                Following on from the Classic Plus, we will have the                                                                                ‘TC Plus’  - the same board as the Classis Plus but with the                                                                                keyboard section left un-populated, housed in the ‘256TC / Teleterm’ case                                                                                (shown, left) with an all new 96 key serial keyboard.                                                                               The ‘Delta Plus’ will use the same case, but with a more complex design for higher performance.                                                                               A dual processor design (like the Premium Plus) but with a Z8S180 @ 33Mhz & a Coldfire V4 processor                                                                               and higher resolution graphics to run full Linux.  [Details may change]  Other Kits BeeThoven  ( complex sound generation for Microbee & Arduino ) BeeTalker    (allophone based speech synthesizer for Microbee & Arduino ) UpScaling Video Converter ( for connecting retro computer systems to LCD monitors )