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Here you will find the latest information on updates / Engineering changes to Microbee Technology Products. Product                         Information type                        Reason                                                                              Download link
Premium Plus Kit Premium Plus Kit Premium Plus Kit Premium Plus Kit / All Premium Plus Kit Plug Pak P/S kit PWR/Vid/Cass lead kit Plug Pak & PWR/Vid/Cassette kits Premium Plus Kit Standard / Premium series
Construction Manual Engineering Change Order Engineering Change Order Recommended addition Quick Start Guide Assembly instructions Assembly instructions Addendum Engineering Change Order Repair Guide
Informational   (Large - 30Mbytes) Screen garbage / corruption uClinux screen access synchronisation Ground strap requirement - Baseboard to coreboard Basic information about features and usage Info to show how to assemble a Plug Pak Kit Info to show how to assemble a PWR/Vid/Cass lead 5Pin Din Lead pinout change details Addition of 1K SIP to baseboard IC40 cures several problems General repair guide for older style ‘White Shaft’ Jelco JKS91 key switches.