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TC Plus Kit Computer

 [ Advance information only - product at prototype planning stage ]
Having the same operational specifications as the Classic Plus kit computer, the TC Plus kit computer includes a full case & brand new 98 key mechanical key switch keyboard. The TC Plus uses the same Printed Circuit Board as the Classic Plus computer, but with the onboard keyboard section left un-populated. Instead, the new keyboard (including status LED’s for Power, Caps lock, Num lock and SDcard activity) plugs into a small single row connector. For backwards compatibility, the serial keyboards’ keystroke tokens are translated into matrix information inside the logic on the So-Dimm module. * Z80 processor running at up to 10Mhz. * Base of 128k Memory, expandable to 1Mbyte * Microbee ‘Premium Series’ colour graphics. * SDcard storage with Floppy disk emulation.    * FDD interface option with Double & High    density support.   * Full travel, mechanical switch, 98 key keyboard * Standard Microbee Parallel & Serial ports * Onboard efficient switching regulators. * Single PCB - 4 layer design for better signal integrity. * Arduino compatible slot option (via mezzanine board plugin).  * 50 Way Z80 buss expansion header * Hybrid kit includes all through-hole parts for assembly,    and a pre-assembled SMD module. * Kit includes the ‘TeleComputer’ case with room for 2 internal    floppy disk drives                                                                                                                               To keep up to date, follow Microbee Technology on our social media pages [ Facebook / Twitter  / Instagram ] and forum.