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General Accessories & kits

The following items are available to support our older model computers:
Smart Model Controller The Smart Model controller is a device that attaches to the Microbees serial port that interfaces to LEGO motors, lights, switches and so on. It was designed to work with the older 4.5v LEGO accessories, but can also power normal 4.5v hobby motors and so on. There are 4 outputs, each of which can be set in forward or reverse (polarity is under program control) or off. 4 General purpose inputs are available to connect switches / sensors to so that program branching can be affected. There is also one 4.5v power output.   The Smart Model Controller has software included with it for Microbee Z80 based machines, or, an MS-DOS version is also available.   The SMC when originally available sold for more than $200. These units are limited quantity ‘New/Old stock’ items.
Power / Video / Cassette lead kit 5 Pin Din lead with connectors to replace the RCA plugs. Suits any early model Microbee up to, and including the Classic Plus / TC plus
  Power Supply Plug Pak kit with video and Cassette plugs Suits any early model Microbee up to, and including the new       Classic Plus / TC Plus