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Old Models / Gallery

Here is a selection of photos of various Microbee models, accessories & other items of interest.
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Original Kit ‘Bee
New injection moulded case
The Colour ‘Bee arrives!
Plus Series Microbees & accessories
56K CP/M Microbee
Cup of coffee anyone?
Microbee Computer-in-a-book
Microbee 128K Modular System
Inside a    Microbee 128K
Microbees were chosen by BMW
Microbee - the machine for hackers
Microbee Teleterm
Microbee Delta (Never released)
Microbee Gamma (only 20 ever made)
Microbee on display
Microbee on display
Microbee - Mitac Portable PC
Beethoven and Beetalker
Promotional Video for Hannover Fair 1986                      A Quick look at the Microbee ‘Gamma’                    Building the Microbee Premium Plus Kit