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Freescale Tower System Compatible Xilinx Spartan 3E Module
Freescale Tower System compatible   Xilinx Spartan 3E (XC3S500E - PQG208) development board   - Programmable via JTAG header, Load configuration from     OnBoard Flash or via the FlexBus interface on the Tower Edge     connector in serial or parallel slave mode.    - Includes 2 x 16bit wide 1Mbyte 10ns srams (2Mb total)   - 4 GPIO headers directly connected to 16 I/O pins of the Xilinx with     a combination of I/O and Input only pins, plus +3V3 & GND.     Each GPIO header is 20 pins and can be split into 2 10 way groups.   - 1 x Flexbus header (duplicates the signals on the Tower Edge connector)   - 1 x EXP bus header (provides 8 bit expansion + 16 bit address + Control)   - Able to be used within the Freescale Tower system or as a stand-alone board.   - Accessories board (EMB-EXT) under development to plug into GPIO connectors     which provides ports for USB Keyboard & mouse, VGA out, SDcard socket and     serial port.     Full Product Brief available for download - FTM-3SE_ProductBrief.pdf